Life on a boat: a lifestyle shoot


My goodness I am so excited to share yet another lifestyle shoot with you this morning!!! Remember this one from California? I've been staying with some wonderful friends while traveling this spring and can't help but capture all the things that make their home so inviting. I've slept on couches, in spare bedrooms, and now... a houseboat in Florida. 

I absolutely adore this houseboat, the neighborhood, and it's owner. A few words that spring to mind when I describe this lifestyle would be simple, warm, peaceful, and bright! Sleeping here, waking up, and walking directly outside to a beautiful sunrise with ducks, seagulls, snails, turtles all around totally rocked my world. The smell of the water, a blanket of that glorious humidity (you won't meet a bigger fan of humidity), it was the perfect post-winter therapy. She made us coffee the morning I took these photos and I asked her to take me for a walk through her neighborhood and show me her favorite things. These photos are the result.

This girlfriend is one of my favorite people in the ENTIRE WORLD and has been with me through thick and thin. She has the sweetest spirit and when I think of all the valuable things in my life-  my friendship with her immediately comes to my mind.  I've learned so much from being her friend the last 8 years about patience and love. Needless to say, she's the easiest person to be around. Looking through these images makes me heartsick to be sitting next to her again with our feet hanging off her boat in the sunshine. 

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