The mystery of the green in the trees


Let's get lost. Let's go exploring. Let's get in the car and drive. for as long as we please. to the edge of the state. to the forest. where we'll spend the weekend sharing a bottle of wine next to a warm fire. We'll dress warm with our favorite hat and big wool socks and squint at the sunshine bouncing off the bright white snow. Let's tromp through snow banks that reach our waist, let's ski as fast as we can down the hill, and dream of summer days spent canoeing and fishing and laughing until we fell out of the boat. Why should summer get to have all the fun. The moment is now. We'll watch the eagles coast through the air as if on an invisible string being strung from the heavens. The beautiful green in the trees will continue to be a mystery as the cold air pulls all the feeling from our hands, our feet, our noses. And yet we create our own world with our kisses. a hug from him seems to last for eternity. and the harsh cold of this earth has brought me closer to a love I never knew was so warm. organically pushed me to love in a way that's so intoxicatingly satisfying. I want more. 

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