7 years ago today



7 years ago today, I was in San Francisco with my boyfriend, now husband. We hiked the Golden Gate bridge together, visited Pier 39, and ate the best banana pancakes that my husband still tries to replicate almost every Sunday morning. Going through these photos from that spring visit made me realize so many things. For one, how much I love my husband. I mean look at that beard, that hippie hair, and that smile, those eyes! I just died a little that I scooped him up. I can honestly  say I love him even more now. Two, that I still wear bikini tops as bras. no shame. Three, that we haven't stopped traveling since we met. 

7 years ago, I was shooting with a film camera that still remains my favorite camera today and had just gotten my first digital camera 3 years prior the year I joined the Peace Corps. At the time, I thought the "date option" you could permanently add to every digital photo was pure genius. I opted to add this to every photo. I could just shoot my 24 year-old self now. But oh well, there you go. 

I'm taking a break from blogging for the next few weeks while I'm traveling through California. You can follow me on my road-trip (as always) on instagram. California is the springboard for some great collaborations and projects I have coming up. Excited to share everything with you in April!