Winter diaries part 4: beautifully imperfect

My first winter. it's still going strong. I've had total writers block for the last few days. I sit down to write something and everything somehow seems too private to publish. Like my emotions are too raw to write about.  I almost can't make sense of them lately. While I'm on the topic of winter and diary- let me say I feel the earth has robbed me. My sunshine, my glorious sunshine. I miss it. Winter, I'm getting to know you for the first time this year and you can be so harsh. 

I came across this photo today from our wedding day. Millions of emotions come to my mind when I look back at this moment. The July sunshine is the first thing that I recognize. That light laying on our heads, a deep bright sun seemingly as if almost a tangible blessing from God falling down on our love, on our day, at that exact moment in time. My husband's brother let us use his topless Jeep that day which made my already naturally curly hair a beautiful crazy mess that you see here. Exactly how my hair is most of the time. Exactly how I like it. Beautifully imperfect. 

I have learned so much this season of my life- a few of which I'll share with you. I've learned to depend on the love of my life more.  I've learned that making new dreams and new goals for myself does not mean I'm a failure. As a lifelong over-achiever  I'm (still) learning that it's ok to relax. I've learned that change is hard, but fighting it is harder. I've learned and am learning to love and embrace every moment. 

That being said, I'm packing my bags this week to head to a beautiful spot not exactly far enough south to escape winter altogether, but south enough to get into double digit temperatures- Asheville, North Carolina. Both a second home for me and a middle ground between Wisconsin and Florida. Some of my favorite people in the world live there, particularly one who I can't wait to hug. She  made her own little human a little less than a year ago and I can't WAIT to hold her! Also, I can never get enough of the art, the food, the beer in that place- YUM YUM YUM! 

Photo by: Heidi Lee Photography