Mental pictures


I am that friend who has her camera out at almost every event. To say that I love photography, is not quite a correct statement. I'm completely in love with every moment- especially the imperfect ones. Those usually make the best photos because quite honestly, those are the memories I want to keep. 

On this day in particular, I loved watching my beautiful group of friends pile into my Jeep as we drove more than a mile out on the frozen ice. It was this day that I finally captured with my camera how far we were from shore. You can see in the photos, it was almost erie how far we all were from shore. There were these crazy patches of black ice, that didn't have big piles of snow on top like the rest of the lake did, where you could see deep into the depths of the lake. It was absolutely breathtaking. Noses became frozen, cheeks more pink, and the sun more bright as the day wore on. It was a freezing day. We were all so bundled up that day I remember doing a wardrobe check before leaving the house that morning- handing out extra gloves, extra hats, socks, bibs, and hand warmers to stuff into pockets and shoes. My fingers froze, almost to a danger zone of frostbite taking these photos while everyone was setting up the ice shanty. I'm sure we were the loudest group on the ice that day since most everyone in the group had never gone ice fishing before. It was an absolute glorious day on the earth, drilling holes through the ice, scooping out the ice, rigging poles and tip ups, all to try to catch fish that (I can hardly believe) live below us. Not only do they live in those icy waters, they thrive. 

The lake house was buzzing with love this weekend. All types. The broken heart type, the hopeful type, the seasoned type, the happy type. The energy of it all was insane and beautiful. Most of us danced the night away. I woke everyone up with the smell of bacon that next morning. Everyone stood at the edge of the kitchen, with their sleepy eyes, hungry, until it started to burn- then someone else took over. I sat down and had my coffee that morning, completely soaking in all the moments. Desperately wishing I could photograph everyone in their pajamas, messy hair, legs tangled around their lovers, in front of a roaring fire. It's those moments I never want to end, that I sometimes am forced to just take a mental picture. A mental picture of a moment that I'll always treasure in my heart.