Lake Superior, dog sled races

This past weekend, we headed up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to watch the UP200- a series of dog sled races. It was exciting and freezing. The "mushers" (what they call the dog sled racers) ran their dog sleds right through the middle of downtown Marquette! There were throngs of people who lined the streets despite the cold temperatures, cheering on these brave racers who raced non-stop through the night. I've never been to a dog sled race, so needless to say, it's been something I've been looking forward to all winter. After the race, we headed into a warm bar for some live music and local brew. It was the perfect valentines day. 

It felt so good to return to this little town this weekend that holds so many memories for me. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to live in Marquette the summer after I returned from completing my thesis in the Dominican Republic- and I've been coming back as much as I could ever since. I've spent many weekends on the beautiful beach of Lake Superior, wandering through the pine forest along the lakeshore, watching my husband cliff jump during the summer, hiking to waterfalls in the fall, and sleeping at Harlow Lake- but never have I visited during the winter. Hard to believe when I look at these photos, that this was the same place I visited last September. I guess this hasn't happened in years, but the lake was frozen over. That whole piece of earth was frozen over if you ask me! In an effort to enjoy every moment in our frozen tundra, we went skiing, drank coffee at our favorite cafe every morning, and placed our eyes along that beautiful lake shore as much as possible. 

Next to Door County's beach communities, Marquette is my favorite northern beach town. The sun was shining the entire time we were there. It was like a hug from mother nature. My favorite part of the weekend though was spending time with good friends. I love when just being with my favorite people is so organic that I lose track of time. Days turned into late nights which turned into early mornings. Refreshing reminders of how good life is. 

Too good to have time for sleeping.