Missing old places, embracing new ones

A little over a week ago, I fell on the ice. hard. It wasn't until the next day that I remembered I hit my head, and realized I had a concussion. My sweet husband rushed home from work, which I thought was an overreaction, but then the doctor ordered an x-ray and saw some things that concerned him from my fall. To make a long story short, I'm fine. I suffered from some bad headaches for a few days, had to stay off my computer, and stewed a little over how frustrated I was that the sidewalks were frozen. I quickly invested in some new winter boots and tried to walk slower. 

I hear a lot of jokes about winter. People make them here, I hear them from people in Florida. At times it's hard to swallow or laugh. This winter has been an extreme experience for me. Coming from a place that I can honestly say is a balmy 80 degrees everyday, I desperately miss the Florida sunshine. The weather I grew up with on the tropical Atlantic coast is steady, pretty much unchanging. Here, the weather changes every few months with the seasons. I can honestly say I appreciate the beauty of winter, the dark green coniferous trees, bright white snow, and turquoise frozen lakeshore. I can also honestly say I desperately miss my winters in Florida. Watching all the shore birds litter the beach is my all time favorite thing. When we lived in Vero Beach, we used to sit at the edge of the ocean for hours, bare feet in sand, watching the Spinner Sharks leap out of the waves. I would wear the warmest jacket I had over my bikini, but never wore pants or shoes and definitely not socks. Now I wear 2 pairs of socks and layer layer layer. I'm learning the art of layering pretty well. 

I used to think of myself as someone who was very adaptable, but this winter experience as well as moving to a new place has thrown me for a loop. I have a feeling it's going to take some time for me to adapt to this one. I always thought I'd be entering into a more comfortable stage of life this decade. However, that's not what life has in store for me. This experience goes deeper than my frustration with the  cold weather, and has sent me straight back to soul searching- desperately hungry for what I'm supposed to learn right now. Though my natural reaction is to fight for things to stay the same, embracing it all, always looking forward, and staying positive I've learned are great strategies when you find yourself in any challenging situation. And that's just what I plan to do.