There's something about the edge of the earth

There's something about going to the edge of the earth that just does it for me. Right where the continents fall off into the deep depths of seemingly endless water. The ocean. That ocean, I can breathe better when I'm standing in front of the ocean, waves crashing, it seems, all over my soul. The salty breeze, sunshine (usually) blasting in my face, sand in my toes, the sound, the smell, all of it. If I'm lost, I get myself to the ocean, and it reappears. myself that is. I realized this about myself when my best friend repeated it back to me. We were living in Ghana together, and I would beg her to travel to the beach with me almost every weekend to eat pizza. I thought at the time it was the pizza we ate that refreshed me, but she later informed me it was the ocean. 

Never mind that, let's be honest, I'm nowhere near my beloved ocean, but I am near a large lake. It's in this large lake that I've found refuge these last few weeks of winter. When I'm standing on the edge of it, it looks like the size of an ocean. It's also frozen. I guess you could call it my placebo. I drive to it when I feel like I'm losing it, heat blasting, layers on, heated seats on high. Today was one of those days I high-tailed it to the edge of the lake. The air was so cold outside, my eyes could not stop watering when I was standing in it's 10 degrees. About an hour later, I parked myself in a warm cafe next to a lot full of sailboats hibernating for the winter. While I waited for my double espresso, I poured over a day-old Wall Street Journal. This newspaper promptly set me straight. Gorgeous pages full of stories in the type of black ink that rubs off onto your fingers. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. It was almost as if these words slapped me in the face saying, "you're not the only person in the world, Andrea". These stories were full of war, people suffering from preventable diseases like polio, corruption, protests. My recent struggles seemed so tiny. It was a great reminder to keep things in perspective.

Anyway, today I was inspired to start a series on my blog revisiting some of the places I've been, talking about real struggles I've seen. Those edge of the earth type of places. stories and photos to rejuvenate, inspire, and make you think. stay tuned...