Snow in my hair

*Disclaimer: worn UNDER my wool coat. Chunk Scarf: Banana Republic, Tweed Jacket: Banana Republic, Jeans: American Eagle, Boots: Hunter
It's been snowing almost every day the last few days. big beautify snowflakes. I love fresh snow so I promptly romped through it before we headed to brunch on Sunday. This has become somewhat of my winter uniform these days: Jeans, tweed lined jacket, and chunk scarf (so incredibly soft I wish I would sleep in it). 

We have this line of blue spruce trees right outside of our apartment that I adore. I have been loving the bright white contrast with the beautiful green pine trees. The color "evergreen" has a whole new meaning for me. The color has been my life theme this season. Keep growing and blooming during this season of my life. I've got some super exciting things lined up to look forward to this spring! Besides green grass appearing again beneath my feet, I'll be traveling to some beautiful places to see some beautiful people. My husband and I have been planning to go to a festival in the UP (Michigan) for almost a year now- a dog sled race! Excited does not even begin to describe how I feel for everything that lies ahead for me this year. 

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Dog Sled Races in the UP, Michigan 
Asheville, North Carolina
California Road Trip
The Grand Canyon
The Florida Keys (again!)