Sand dunes, frozen waves, and pine trees

My weekend was full of kissing, hiking frozen sand dunes, and watching the frozen waves crash against the earth. We took a drive up the coast of Lake Michigan this weekend on the Door County Peninsula. It was breathtaking. We had to get out of the house and hiking before the Polar Vortex hit (yes this is a real thing happening right now across the Midwest and Northeast). Just when I think it can't get colder, it does. It's -15 degrees today here in the north woods. For those of you who don't know how cold that is, it's cold. They canceled schools around here. So it's not quite a snow day, but a cold day? I'm not sure. This whole idea of the earth being so frozen you can't go outside for extended periods of time is just so new to me. It baffles me honestly. 

I can't help but feel like a rookie at every twist and turn this season. I've left my beach volley ball, barefoot soccer, swimming, and surfing to attempt to embrace new winter sports. So far snowshoeing is the only thing I can say I've somewhat mastered. I'm constantly falling in the snow, sliding on the icy roads, and seem to be always trying to get warm. I love it though. Everything is brand new. At times, I feel like I'm learning to live my life all over again, including meeting all new people and starting a new job. I was so intimidated to live through my first winter a few months ago that I almost clouded my view of it all. I think most people fear what they don't know. So far it's been an incredible experience into this "unknown". I'm learning an immense amount through this journey about embracing my life just as it is, not wanting more, or to be in another place. To just be. If you had given me a choice to winter in Florida or to give this winter wonderland a try, 2 months ago I would've chosen the Florida choice so fast. Now, I'd never give this experience up. The beautiful snow, frozen waves, winter sports, and an excuse to snuggle all the time- it's been an experience like I've never had.