Thanksgiving in Florida

Tweed Jacket: Banana Republic,
Vintage Brass Pin: gift from my Mother

It was incredible to be able to walk off the plane from Malawi and to walk into my mother's warm home full of family and food- the best food in the world I might add. Traditionally, we celebrate Thanksgiving with my family every year, though last we spent Thanksgiving snorkeling with sea turtles and eating sushi in Hawaii. My husband met me in Orlando and we headed straight to the Atlantic ocean. Having not seen my love in 2 months, it felt like a dream seeing him again for the first time at the airport. He poked his head out of the car, big smile on his face, and we embraced for what seemed like an hour. The entire week we couldn't stop hugging each other, at times the raw emotion of being back together, after so long apart, bringing tears to our eyes. 

It was a cool week of weather overall, which led to a week of bundled up walks on the beach and living room fires. I ate as much fresh local shrimp and Mahi-Mahi as I could get my hands on, visited my old stomping grounds on the Space Coast, and left Cocoa Beach with my pockets full of seashells as usual. Although we were almost lucky enough to see a rocket lunch over the holiday weekend, sadly it was cancelled twice. We ate wood-fired turkey cooked by my dad next to the backyard pool, decorated my Mother's Christmas tree- another Thanksgiving family tradition, and spent our evenings huddled around a bonfire in the backyard. I'm not sure if it was because I'm fresh off the boat from Africa or I'm just getting older, slowing down, and appreciating things more, but the food never tasted so good as it did this year. 

Before I left my mother gave me a gift which I adore- a vintage brass pin. She told me she used to wear it on her winter coat when she lived in the Midwest in her 20's and she was now passing it on to me. A perfect token to take this Florida girl through her first winter. I'm watching the snow fall outside right now and feeling so thankful for my beautiful family no matter how far away they may be.