Out of body experience

swimming hole on Mt. Mulange, Malawi

I write to you from this space today. Peaceful, inspired, happy deep in my bones. I'll never forget how good it felt to take a dip in this beautiful swimming hole after 2 days of intense hiking Mt. Mulange or that I walked funny that entire following week. I remember thinking in this moment about a life in North America I put on hold to come and work in Malawi for a few months. A handsome husband, a tiny studio, relationships with my friends and family, my photography. Hold. At the time, taking this trip to Central Africa just made sense. I traveled there, my heart full of anticipation of what this experience would do for me, where it would take me, what I would take away from it. I never could have imagined what I would actually take from it all. It felt like a scene from a movie, where you have an out of body experience, your old life just within reach of your grasp. That out of body experience ends and you're left to return to the life you had. That beautiful life. My beautiful life! I returned a few weeks ago, completely changed from both the experience, my travels, the people I met, and the opportunity to have been long distance with my real life. I will be drawing from this experience for years to come. Traveling and the experiences that go along with it, have always been the largest influence on my life and the leading inspiration for my artwork. The single biggest take away from my recent travels being this: 

find the beauty in everything. because it's there.