Frozen waterfalls and sunshine

We went hiking this past weekend to a beautiful waterfall just minutes from our house. It was free-ee-zing. Wow. But awesome. We walked all along the creek I had dipped my toes in this past summer and ventured out on the lakeshore. The lake is freezing over nicely and should be perfect for some ice fishing madness we plan to do all winter. It still blows my mind when I walk on the exact same spot where I was in my bikini and floatie toy a few months ago this summer. Crazy how much the earth changes up here compared to what I grew up with in Florida (80 and sunny, flipflops all the time- unless something is wrong, like a cold front). 

Considering I had been sick on the couch for 5 days straight, it felt amazing to get out of the house on a sunny day. Something I had not taken into consideration was how bright a winter day can be when your entire world is covered in white! It glows, so much so that I found myself squinting with delight all afternoon. We went to one of our favorite lunch spots in Door County that had warm soup and warm cider and requested the open booth in the sun. The waitress offered to close the shade to avoid the sun in our faces, we both almost shouted "no!" so emphatically that she held her hands up, smiling, and just walked away. 

Sometimes I almost feel I should walk around with a name badge that says "not from here". In Florida it's easy to spot the people who are "not from here". They have no tan to the point where their skin is almost see-through. Also they wear socks with sandals- dead give away. I've gotten tired of constantly telling everyone who gives me a weird look that I'm from Florida. I mean, how can you tell that someone is not from Wisconsin unless they complain about 50 degree weather (which is considered "nice" up here in the North). I just don't say anything anymore. I'm ok with being placed in the "weird" category. I mean who wants to sit and eat their lunch, winter coat on, with the sunshine blazing so hard in their eyes they are squinting? Weird people do, that's who.