Hiking Malawi: Mt. Mulange (the big one)

This hike was quite possibly one of the hardest hikes I've ever done- also ranking one of the most beautiful. We hiked over 1,000 feet up with a local guide named Gift from the near bye village called Kambenje to Thuchila hut- a gorgeous barebones cabin on a plateau high up in the mountains. The oldest cabin of the 8 cabins around Mt Mulange. There were no clean switchback trails to hike like there are in the Grand Canyon or other popular National Parks here in the US. Rather the trail was straight up almost the entire hike- at times walking on the balls of our feet while leaning forward to get up steep rock faces. We initially passed through fields of maize, then boulder fields, then bush, then the forest, before making it to the highlands. We saw blue monkeys, huge baboons, local poachers, tons of breathtaking wildflowers, swam in turquoise swimming holes, and took warm bucket baths in the cool evening rain. Watching the rain roll in just as we reached the cabin was the highlight of my evening. We spent the night sleeping on the floor of the cabin in front of the fire. It was perfect.

I highly recommend taking a trip up Mt. Mulange if you are traveling to Central Africa. Although this trip is not for the faint of heart, it was hands down the highlight of my time in Malawi.

More details on planning a trip up Mt Mulange coming soon...