Don't be scared, it's dead

A short conversation I overheard at a restaurant at the table next to me when a man from Cameroon offered a plate of pit viper to two young American female guests to taste. "Don't be scared, it's dead" he said after they desperately tried to politely refuse. He then explained that they prepare it by boiling the snake in vinegar then grilling it with salt and pepper. Watch out for the bones, he warned.

My time is winding down here in Malawi. A little less than 3 weeks left of this beautiful experience. It's overcast today, the weather is cooler, with many of the trees in full bloom here in Blantyre. I keep holding my breath for rain, which has been sporadic so far, mostly non-existent. We've been seeing more and more people working in their farms lately on our way to clinic each day. Overturning that rich red earth.

Every day I seem to be learning something new. I'm continually inspired by the research I'm doing here, the people I work with, and the beautiful mountains. I know it will be bittersweet when it comes time for me to leave, so I can't help but to remain present in each moment.