Sunday Safari: Majete Wildlife Reserve




I meant to put these photos up last week, but then was just too excited to share my week in clinic with you, I forgot. My first Sunday in Malawi was spent at this beautiful place- Majete Park. It's about an hour drive from our house and it's beautiful. Over drinks last Saturday I happened to be in the right circle of ladies who were planning a safari and was invited for a girl's day out. It was glorious and just the type of thing I needed. Who can't use an adventure on a Sunday with girlfriends in a land-cruiser?!
Upon our arrival to the park, one of the guides told us that they had recently spotted a lion and her two cubs. It was that moment we started to hold our breath for a chance to not only spot a lion that day- but little lions too! We saw a ton of animals including: impala, elephants (the group favorite), hippos, wart hogs, gazelles, monkeys, baboons, and a ton of beautiful birds. Sadly, no lions made their appearance for us that day, but the elephants at one point gave us quite a scare- that was enough thrill for the day.  
We learned some of the elephants in the park had been relocated from South Africa from areas where they were being poached. Elephants are very intelligent and sensitive animals, easily angered if they sense danger to themselves or their family. Although elephants do not have the best eyesight, they can see figures/outlines. These elephants had learned to recognize the figure of a human and associated the human figure with danger and death. Needless to say, we did not get out of our car, and we're very aware we were not at a zoo, but in the middle of wild Africa.  
We hiked to a waterfall, marveled at the magnificent Baobob trees throughout the park (which you can see in the first photo), and ended the day at a near bye pool with pineapple Fantas. It was amazing to see all those animals in the wild. I'm holding my breath to see a lion next time though.