Red dirt roads


Today marks my first week in Malawi. It's been absolutely incredible so far. Driving to clinic each day takes around 2 hours, so I've been lucky to see so much of this part of country in the short time I've been here due to those long drives each morning. I've been told the rains are coming, and today confirmed it. We started our morning off with an adventure after getting our Land cruiser stuck. Luckily, we had some help from passer-byes to push it out of the mud.

Clinic was moved from the normal spot under the tree to a small health center around the corner due to the rain today. Each day our team measures the MUAC (middle upper arm circumference) and checks for edema among other things-which is what we're doing in these photos. Both are indicators of malnutrition. Our overall goal is to try to improve the fortified peanut-based formula we give to moderately malnourished children as well as treat all the severely malnourished children with RUTF. I'm part of an awesome team and learning a ton of new stuff every day. Here are some photos from my week in clinic and some of the roads that lead there.