South America: Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico

If there ever was a post that was long over due, it was this one. Our trip to South America was absolutely incredible. I haven't danced so much or so hard in my life, well maybe... The food was the best food in the world (in case you were wondering about that), I definitely gained 5 pounds. I was given some great advice by friends on what to eat while traveling through each country. I ate everything I could get my hands on! That would be my advice if your reading this to get some ideas on what to do. Eat everything- especially local fruits/fruit juices, dance at local venues, visit the art museums, and get out of the city and up into the mountains/out in the ocean everywhere you go. Those are pretty broad recommendations, but apply to almost every country we went on this trip. 

Here are some recommendations in case you find yourself anywhere near these beautiful cities...

Bogota, Colombia:

  • Take the Gondola up onto Montserrat.
  • Visit the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro): Pre-colonial gold artifacts, absolutely amazing, especially if you are into Anthropology. This place was particularly inspiring for me.
  • Visit the local market outside the Museo del Oro. Amazing locally-made handicrafts.
  • Hang out in a cafe and drink as much of the local coffee as possible.
  • Take the elevator up into the Hilton in the downtown business district (day or night) and you can see the entire city scape. We attended a cocktail event there one evening, it was just gorgeous!
  • For a delicious hamburger try Hamburguesas del corral.
  • Other places recommended to me that I did not have time to get to: La Candelaria neighborhood: old historic neighborhood, gorgeous houses/colors; the salt cathedral, street art tour, and Botero's museum.

A few photos from our time in Bogota....

Santiago, Chile:
  • Hop on the Tourista Bus, a hop on/hop off bus system which takes you around the entire city for the day for $20. Headphones provided in all languages to listen while you ride.
  • Visit the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. This museum is donation only. There is a second museum located in the same building just around the other side, maybe cost 60 pesos to get in? Absolutely worth it.
  • Rent a car and get up into the Andes Mountains and go skiing! I can say for certain that I'm not a very good skier, but I had the time of my life. Road tripping up the mountain from Santiago will take you about an hour, and is one of the most beautiful roads I've ever been on. 
  • Drink a pisco sour, local alcoholic drink. Delicious.

A few photos from our time in Chile:

Sao Paulo, Brazil:
  • Downtown Sao Paulo was beautiful. The street art in Colombia, Chile, and Brazil, was one of my favorite parts- especially Brazil. 
  • Tour Sao Paulo Museum of Art.
  • Visit the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Theatre Municipal is a beautiful building if you like architecture.
  • Take a tour through Patio do Colegio Church (said to be where the city of Sao Paulo started). Nice little cafe inside.
  • Visit the Sao Paulo Cathedral.

Here are a few photos from our time in Sao Paulo...

Riviera Maya, Mexico:
  • Get to the beach! My favorite beach in the Riviera Maya (which is where we visited) is Playa del Carmen. Tons of inexpensive places to stay on the beach- including eco-friendly beach huts.
  • Visit the Tulum ruins. 
  • Tulum is also a great place to go snorkeling/diving right off the beach. There are tons of advertisements for doing adventure tours- you can do them all yourself and skip a lot of fees if you just rent a car and drive to the places yourself.
  • Go Dancing.

Here are a few photos from our time in Mexico....