Key West, Florida

Our time in Key West was magical. Warm air, sunshine, cuban food, roosters, snorkeling, sunset festivals, dancing the night away, and lots of kissing! If you haven't already read our love story, you should. I fell in love in the streets of Key West 7 years ago. Stopping through here on our way to South America for a few days was pure bliss. SO many memories on this little island. It was like falling in love all over again, but better than the first time (which we all know is usually not overrated). The light and colors of the ocean were absolutely spectacular, I was in heaven with my camera. Tons of photos will be added to the shop in December from this trip. Fiji and the Florida Keys are two of my favorite places to travel. The Keys are hands down at the top! As I write this, we are leaving Colombia heading to Chile. Feeling blessed.