Dry Tortugas Islands


I have to say that I have the best friends. No seriously. My husband and I decided not to register for any gifts for our wedding last summer and just let our guests give what they wanted, if they wanted, or what they could. We stressed that more than a gift we wanted their presence at our wedding. They all came. We received the most beautiful heart-felt gifts that day we said I do too, including this one. A trip to the dreamy remote islands of the Dry Tortugas, the southernmost piece of land in the continental United States just off the tip of Key West. This is also the site of Fort Jefferson- an old army fort, that was turned into a prison for deserters from the north after the civil war, and is now a national park. The snorkeling was fantastic, with fresh healthy coral growing all along the edge of the brick wall, and hundreds of fish and huge moon jellyfish. It was like taking a second honeymoon. I will never forget this trip as long as we live.