3 weeks, 4 countries, home sweet home

umm. so talk about radio silence. Has it really been over 20 days since I blogged?! I'M HOME!! I've missed writing in this space, ALOT. It's late and I'm back in front of these black keys, putting my thoughts on the keyboard- a treat for all you night owls. So much has happened in the last 3 weeks traveling through Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico, that my brain almost cannot begin to digest what my eyes have seen in order to translate it to my fingers to type it to you. I ran out of clean clothes about a week before we were set to return back to the USA. We did not stay in one place long enough for clothes to dry! Luckily, we ended our trip spending the last few days in our bathing suits- in Mexico no less. Yes, (gasp!) I boarded the plane in dirty clothes and did not care one bit. Now showered, recovered(ing?) from jet-lag, I thought I'd end the weeks of silence with a photo from the top of the Andes Mountains in Chile- one of my favorite spots on the trip.

Besides eating and drinking and dancing my way through Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico, I learned so much it was insane. Just when you think you've seen it all, well no one has ever seen it all. Upon returning, my computer took a hiatus. Almost as bad as losing your phone, but worse. I do not wish a broken computer on anyone. As soon as my computer gets out of the Apple hospital, I will have oh so much more photos to share with you! 

I'm also moving to a new country in a few weeks. (I almost can't believe I typed that- but I did). Stay tuned!