Road-trip out West: Yellowstone National Park

It’s the weekend! and I haven’t blogged since Canada. It feels like time is on a fast forward button lately that I can’t find to put it back on normal life speed. I’ve been dying to share more photos of my July road-trip with you. Absolutely no place in this world compares to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I can’t help but remain incredibly thankful for those people who conserved this part of the world- aka our forefathers. Geysers, mountains, rivers, trees, animals galore- it’s breathtaking. This trip made me feel really alive, and has given me a lot of time to think about everything. There is nothing like a road trip to get some fresh air, amazing girl time, and a fresh perspective. Besides feeling thankful for this beautiful slice of earth God created, I get teary-eyed thinking how blessed I am to have such lovely girlfriends who know my heart, my love language, and sometimes know me better than I know myself. 

The rest of my road-trip out West chronicled here:
North Dakota
Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Badlands, South Dakota

Yellowstone National Park
Devil's Tower National Park

*all photos with me in them were taken by K. Wicks, all others taken by me*