Road-trip out West: Montana Edition

Montana is more than a state, it is more than a piece of this country, it is an idea, and it is a symbol and it is the last haunted remains of the Wild West. It is the embodiment of big spirits floating beneath bigger skies and wild animals soaring above wild mountains. It is more, because it is Home, and it is Home because it’s always been so much more. -Birds Over Bridger Mountains (by TylerKnott)

And the road-trip photos continue! I think I almost posted a Bible of photos when I posted about Yellowstone National Park last week. Oops. Hopefully that shows how much we loved it! Montana was an accidental destination on our road-trip out West last month because we had to drive through it to get to Yellowstone, Wyoming. The campground was booked the day we arrived in the park so we winded up driving out the West Entrance of Yellowstone, back into Montana, and staying at a place called Big Sky Resort. We were able to book it last minute and it was a relatively inexpensive option to our surprise for that time of year- and also included breakfast. One of the prettiest places (besides Banff, Canada) if you are looking for a sleepy mountain town to stay in the summer or the winter. I highly recommend it. Montana was absolutely gorgeous. It was abnormally hot for that time of year. We soaked in every minute of it. 

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*all photos with me in them were taken by K. Wicks, all others taken by me*