Road-trip out West: Grand Tetons National Park

SO excited to share these images from Wyoming with you today. It seems with all the moving and unpacking this week, the only thing that stays organized is my hard drive. The Grand Tetons are a happy place for me. This was my second visit to this National Park and it never disappoints. "It" meaning the earth and the young mountain range that jets up so strikingly. One of my favorite things about this park are the clouds that seem to find themselves just below the peaks (not sure if they are regularly there- but they've been there every time I've visited). It's quite amazing actually and the photos never seem to do it justice. We saw a Moose on our hike to Inspiration Point above Jenny Lake (a popular spot)- which we took a boat ride to get to. Other hikers who were ahead of us on the trail alerted us to it. Somehow I convinced my best friends, who hate cold water and the cold more than me, to jump in Jenny Lake with me. It was freezing! 

If you've never been here, add it to your bucket list. 

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*all photos with me in them were taken by K. Wicks, all others taken by me*