Road-trip out West: Badlands, South Dakota

And this beauty of a blog post will squeak in just as we are packing our bags for South America. WOAH! cannot even believe it still. My goal for the last month was to brush up on my spanish. Total fail. Thankfully my love is pretty good with his spanish. We're out of luck for Brazil though. Anyway, let me tell you that visiting the Badlands has been on my list of places to go ever since Brian and I traveled there in 2007 on our first road trip. We spent 2 months camping out of our car at that time, traveled through like 15 states, and could only afford (the time) to stop in this beautiful park for one day. I've been dying to go back ever since. Well, I made it back! This time with my best girlfriends. We went hiking, fossil hunting (I swear Lauren found a fossil- I'd put money on it), and camped in a primitive campground called "Sage Creek". There were buffaloes everywhere! You can see them spotted all over the hills in the back of the photo of the girls setting up the tent. I can tell you the entire park pretty much looked like the surface of the moon, except with grasslands and epic skies everywhere. The sunset was spectacular, and the colors of the rock- I almost couldn't believe they were real. We were able to view the surface of the sun on a ranger talk through a telescope. I've never done that before so it was pretty cool. I left there promising myself I'd take my children back there one day and camp off the end of that dirt road with the buffaloes. 

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*all photos with me in them were taken by K. Wicks, all others taken by me*