Banff National Park

It's been a beautiful week here in Canada. Incredible mountains, ice blue water, wild flowers, glaciers, fresh mountain air, and log-cabin everything. There's been plenty of hiking, swimming, canoeing, and tasting the local brew. We took a summer style polar plunge into the ice cold water of Lake Louise, which was hands down the coldest water I've ever felt. We also tried "putaine", a local food, which is made of fries and cheese curds- smothered in gravy. It was delicious. Being here this week actually reminds me so much of our time in New Zealand- in that crisp, cold, untouched earth-way.

Anyway, it's the night before my brother-in-law's wedding and I can't help but remember how I felt the night before my own wedding a year ago. It was one of those moments in my life that I will treasure forever. I'm also looking forward to being on the other side this summer, out of the spotlight, listening to all the beautiful family speeches, and manicure-free. I'm counting the moments we have left here and will be dreaming tonight of that wedding tomorrow in Banff National Park.