Strawberries, déjà vu, and a road-trip

These photos are from this past weekend when we went strawberry picking with the fam. It's almost impossible to not have a good time when you are picking strawberries. My love and I used to go to the strawberry festival in Plant City, Florida almost every year when we lived in Central Florida. Picking strawberries in the direct sun, in Wisconsin, this past weekend was a strange déjà vu type of feeling. It blows my mind to think that this very earth of a strawberry patch will be frozen with ice in a matter of months and Florida will still be hot as ever during that same time. Yet the same little fruits grow in both places. crazy.

Anyway, those are my deep thoughts about strawberries for the day. To be honest my thoughts for the last week have been (and currently are) consumed by an epic weekend cookout and a girl's trip my best friends and I have had planned since January. We had a million (literally) different ideas of where to go that we tossed around for months and finally decided to take a road-trip out West! I am literally so excited that I can feel my heart pounding out loud in my chest! Our plan is to leave this weekend, together with sleeping bags, a tent, and loose plans to visit every and any place our hearts desire along the way. If you follow me on instagram, I'll be blogging photos in real time there from our summer trip through beautiful America. I have some great photo projects I've been working on the last few weeks to share with you while I'm traveling, so don't worry, I won't leave you hanging.

America here we come...