Road Trip out West: North Dakota Edition

So, here's a snapshot of my first few days on the road. I felt incredibly lucky to afford the time to be able to take a trip like this with my best friends. We left from eastern Wisconsin, drove through St. Paul, Minnesota, and onward to Bismarck, North Dakota with our only goal being to see as much of this part of America, including Yellowstone, The Badlands, and The Grant Tetons. We drove through The National Grasslands also known as The Great Plains and winded up driving through Theodore Roosevelt National Park on our first leg of the trip, a place I've never been before. It was breathtaking. We started seeing buffalo almost immediately and there were prairie dogs everywhere within the National Park limits. Bright green grass flashed outside our car window for almost 15 hours straight until we hit a storm that evening (The Great Plains are famous for their intense storms). The wildflowers did not disappoint either. The circular thing you see me holding my hands over like a crazy woman a few photos above is what's known as a "cow pie" (does everyone call it that? not sure). Anyway, it's bison (buffalo-same thing) poo. Amazingly huge, no? During our entire trip we traveled through Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota- in that order. I'd have to say the last 3 states were my favorite, however North Dakota, a state I've never traveled to, was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. You can see in the photo above that we had just crossed the state line of North Dakota/Montana, and you can see the Rocky Mountain Range at the end of the road in the distance. It was so so exciting to see these beautiful mountains! 

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North Dakota
Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Badlands, South Dakota

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Devil's Tower National Park

*all photos with me in them were taken by K. Wicks, all others taken by me*