My favorite holiday of the year in photo form

This 4th of July weekend was exactly how I like my weekends. long. beautiful. sunny. My attention lately has been captured by two handsome boys and two cats. I love them. all of them. All four of them are very hairy and sometimes stinky, but they fill my home with so much love- I love every moment. The good mornings, the kitty snuggling, and someone always needs to be fed. Our weekend was spent outside every waking moment, fishing, fireworking, swimming, floating, sailing, strawberry picking, and antique shopping. 

I am totally distracted as I am writing this. One: because my battery power is at 25% and I'm nowhere near a power cord and two: because my favorite people in the world (minus a few) are packing their bags to come and visit me for the entire weekend! I can't stand how excited I am. Best friend time is long overdue for this girl. Luckily I'll be getting my fix for the next 10 days.