Happy July from the Midwest! I always love when the first of the month rolls around, especially when it happens on a Monday. (which was yesterday, I'm a little behind on everything around here). I've been driving around like a mad-woman, looking for a place for us to live, desperate to get settled and have some peace of mind again. Anyway, remember this post? I have a long overdue promise to keep to you, my readers, and I'm excited to announce this series on my blog this week: "My beautiful twenties". I asked 2 of my very close friends to contribute this summer on the topic of "what they're twenties have taught them". Here's a sneak peek....

Carla Delangre was born in Edina, Minnesota. She spent her youth growing up between Florida, California, and North Carolina. She returned to Florida to attend college where she studied Marketing and Theatre, where I first laid eyes on her. We were college roommates at that time, and became instant best friends. She moved to California a few years later to pursue her passion for food, traveling, and secretly in search of love. While living near that beautiful Pacific ocean, she obtained a higher degree as a Natural Chef and found love. Carla has traveled extensively during her 20's and has been shaped by travels to Brussels, China, Thailand, Haiti, France, Italy, and Germany. To say she is passionate about food, natural health, and animals would be an understatement. She currently lives in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, has just given birth to her first child, and works as the Vice President of a Natural Food Company. You can read more on that amazing company here and watch her in action here. She is easily one of my heroes on learning how to balance love, career, and family. As my friend for 12 years now, maid of honor at my wedding this past July, and one of my biggest supporters as I bumped my way through my own 20's, I cannot imagine being the person I am today without having had her in my life.

She is without a doubt the type of best friend a girl can only dream of having. 


Sherlynette Castro was born and grew up in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. As the daughter of a deceased musician-drug dealer/addict and an extraordinary mother, she is also the oldest of four half siblings and the fifth of 25 cousins. She spent the first years of her childhood between public housing, and by the age of ten, moved with her mother (stepfather, and 2 half siblings) to a "safer place" in San Juan. She studied Environmental Science, obtaining a Masters in Soil Science shortly after. Sherly has a hard time declaring what exactly she is passionate about "out of respect for the real fans". Her favorite things are night sky objects, her partner, and learning new things. Hers is one of my favorite stories that you will read of love, passion, and family. I met her when she moved to Florida from Puerto Rico. I treasure my friendship with her and consider her like a sister. Her perspective and life experiences she has shared with me over the years make me feel incredibly lucky to know her and to have lived my entire life drowning in freedom. She has recently moved from south Florida, where she worked as a Soil Scientist for a Environmental Conservation Agency, to southern California and is now pursuing a PhD. 

When I asked her to contribute to this blog, to you, my readers on lessons she has learned in her 20's, here is what she sent me.... (to be continued)