Coastal living, north-woods style

We traveled up to Washington Island this past weekend, the northern end of Door County, Wisconsin. With a long history of fishing, coastal living, and ice sailing as a mode of transportation, this island is the definition of nautical… north-woods style. It was my usual heaven of blue skies, sunshine, clear waters, boat rides, and ice cream eating. We passed fields of corn, barley, wheat, and hay at every corner.  The browns and blues and greens of the earthwere just exploding this weekend! We walked through a fishing museum, passed a restaurant with goats living on their grass roof (seriously), had a fish boil on the house, drank the local beer, and just enjoyed each other’s company in this north-woods we now call home. It was during one long morning we were relaxing in the outdoor hot tub that I realized we were surrounded by tree ferns and huge coniferous trees- and I mean completely surrounded by every crayon box color of green you could imagine! The shade from the forest made for an even chillier morning than it already was. It really hit me (and continues to hit me) how far north we now live from my beloved Florida and how I wish mother earth had given me a warmer July this year. I couldn’t help but treasure every single tiny moment of alone time though. It was nice to get away, reminisce on how we met, and discuss all our crazy traveling we’ve done together in the last 7 years.

I’m still coming down off my road trip high from out west last week (which I am ecstatic to share with you!) and itching to settle into a place of our own next month. This summer has seemed to fly by. too fast. August beckons however, and just when I thought I was as north as I could be, Canada calls us. Good thing I’m still living out of my suitcase.