To the first man I ever loved

To the first man I ever loved. The one human being I get all my intense qualities from including stubbornness, sassiness, laughing quite too loud whenever we deem appropriate, smiling big all the time, and the disease of dreaming big (I call his disease "visioning"). Soccer coach, math teacher, jokester, lizard catcher, fort builder, second best basketball player I know, driving teacher, and boyfriend hater. I grew up watching you adore my barefoot mother, proudly boasting of never removing (not that you could) that banged up gold ring on your ring finger, having the patience of a saint while teaching me pre-calculus, pruning me into the tomboy I am, working so hard on your hands and knees for our family, comforting me when a boy I loved cheated on me, and setting up and taking down almost the entire wedding tent last summer. 

The day I was married, was one of the best days of my life. You were such a big part of that weekend, that day, you made our wedding celebration so perfect. I'll always treasure how tender you were when you walked me down the aisle. How you held my arm so lovingly, walked with me slowly almost as if you wanted it to last longer, and told me you loved me with the most beautiful energy before giving me away. It was an incredibly special moment, the type of moment I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I love being your daughter. I'm beyond lucky to have you as my father. 

I love you.