Steel Bridge Music Festival

Photo by C. Madigan
You can see Jackson Brown in the blue shirt with the long hair to the left on the microphone.
Photo by C. Madigan (you can find him on instagram @rawoatmeal). 

The Steel Bridge Music Festival was an absolute blast. We spent our entire weekend driving into town every night to watch the shows. It was all put on to attempt to bring awareness to keep the huge old steel bridge in the middle of town from being torn down. Early on in the festival, we all commented to each other that it was some of the best live music we've seen/heard in years. It was a fabulous festival. You could see artists, with instruments strung over their shoulders walking down every street all weekend long, holed up in the (very few) local tiny coffee shops during the day, crammed under the outdoor tents and in dark bars at night. Beautiful artists of all kinds, tattooed, dreadlocked, just enjoying sharing the songs they've created with the world. Every single indoor space was used as a venue that weekend. Bowling alleys, stages in hotel parking lots, tents in backyards of cafes. Rain or shine it went on, strong. It was awesome! We hung out with a dear old friend, danced in the rain, and enjoyed some awesome street food.  My favorite musician was a girl act called Geri x. Jackson Brown, the headliner for the weekend, was great too. I thought I'd share a few photos from our weekend before the next weekend creeps up on me. Summer, my precious summer, seems to be flying by already!