Lobster love

These photos have just been waiting for their moment to make the blog. These were from Halloween 2009 that we spent in Key West, Florida, (hopefully you already guessed) as lobsters. In honor of my husband's 30th birthday I will show these ridiculous red-faced photos. One of the best nights of my life was captured here in these photos on the streets of Key West with my love, a handful of our best friends (who were also dressed as fantastic sea creatures), covered in body paint. I've spent most of this decade of my life with this man right here traveling the world, not always getting along, loving each other fiercely, getting dirty together, finding our home in each other wherever we go, and growing up together. This is not the first time and hopefully not the last we will cover ourselves in body paint together and dance the night away. 

I can't wait to grow old with you Brian. You're my favorite lobster. Happy 30th birthday.