(A letter to myself.) Written by me, for me. I'm sharing with you.

When we get down to the basics of things,
we all lead pretty normal lives.

Do people romanticize other's lives as a way of escaping their own?

Not believing your own life is the best life (you have) is suicidal.

It's just not true.

If you're not happy, dig deep within your soul. 

Then dig deeper.

Can someone else make you that "happy" you long for?

A lover, a friend, traveling somewhere amazing, a different job?

"That" happiness lies within you. 


You can't travel somewhere to get it.

You can travel to awaken it. 

No one can give it to you.

        It's your superpower.

Don't let others steal it.


Life, death, mistakes, changes, sickness, 
accidents, tragedies, poverty, emptiness.

Find the silver lining in everything and every season.

then smile through it.

Because you're alive.
And the fact that you're alive 

is a gift in itself.