A rainy five hour boat ride through the Pacific, sixteen brutal hours of flying on an airplane,  countless hours sleeping on each others shoulders, reuniting with family and friends, and jumping a few car batteries.... we're finally back in the USA! It feels incredibly good to be home. I feel I have so much to share with you, but first... Fiji.

Our trip to Fiji was absolutely amazing. It officially made the top spot for my favorite place I've ever traveled. ever. The ocean was that ever-changing favorite color of mine. We stayed at the top of the Yasawa Island chain at a place called The Blue Lagoon in a beach bungalow and swam on the reef multiple times a day (which was right off shore). It was hands down the most beautiful coral I've ever laid my eyes on, and the healthiest near shore coral community I've snorkeled in. My skin browned up like a caramel within a few hours and I soaked in every single precious moment of that boiling sunshine weather. We visited the caves and THE island where they filmed the movie, The Blue Lagoon! It honestly all felt like a second honeymoon. We met the most beautiful people with whom I believe our paths were meant to cross at that exact moment in our lives. The type of people who you frantically wave to offshore from your tiny boat the day you leave the island and vow to stay friends forever. The type of people that when you meet them, you've felt like you've known then forever. The type of girlfriend who at moments of the day, make you feel as though you are looking at your own beautiful self in the mirror. If you can't tell, Fiji was a magical place for us.