Happy Eleven months of marriage to us. This past weekend my sweetheart surprised me and took me for a little airplane ride over the very place we were married last July in Door County. Remember this? Over here we're a big believer in spur of the moment heartfelt romance rather than forced gifts on holidays/anniversaries every year. There is a little history behind this trip, this plane, and this surprise. This trip was initially planned for us to take the morning after our wedding. Unfortunately, we were totally exhausted and decided to just cancel the trip and relax that morning together without any plans. I remember when Brian called the pilot to cancel. I was lying in bed listening to his phone conversation in the other room and I heard him say "my wife..." for the first time.  In that moment, my heart skipped a beat and I swooned. I loved hearing him call me his wife- more than this independent woman ever thought she would. There was a certain prideful love I could hear in his voice at that moment. No sooner we landed in Mexico for our honeymoon a day later and he was calling me his wife in both Spanish and English as much as he possibly could.

It was beautiful to peer out that window for one whole glorious hour, though it was a little foggy that morning, and see the shore, the bay, the sailboats, and the ocean of pine trees that covered the earth below us. To get a glimpse of the very spot of earth where we poured sand collected from where we each grew up and promised to love each other for a lifetime. This flight reminded of that moment I first heard my husband call me his wife. At the end of the trip the pilot, who was the same man we made the reservation with last year, told us he had something for us. He disappeared around the corner and came back with a brown paper bag. He informed us he had been saving "this" for a year and as Brian lifted it out of the bag, I saw it was a bottle of champagne. It was almost as if my eyes couldn't help themselves and I teared up almost instantly as he wished us both happy eleven months and a beautiful lifetime together. 

It was such a sweet moment to share with a stranger.