I should invest in packing tape stock

Life has felt like a total whirlwind since we got back from our Melbourne-Sydney-Outback trip. Our house is a total mess as we are in the progress of packing. My husband just keeps shaking his head whenever he walks into the bedroom and looks at my closet. We start to make our way back home this week, and I'm so so excited to get back to the good ol' US of A. My heart is literally aching to leave another place we've made into our home the last 6 months. This will be the third time we've moved in the last 9 months and I feel mentally exhausted just thinking about doing another big move again so soon. It's been a dream come true getting to spend most of our first year of marriage living abroad in Australia- traveling all over this side of the world. We've been beyond blessed to travel so much. Australia will always hold a special place in my heart. If you can't tell it's bittersweet.

Moving to the Midwest is going to be a new experience for this Florida-grown girl. Not gonna lie, I've got mixed feelings. The winter intimidates me a little- ok ALOT, but I've learned that fearing the unknown is a total waste of time. I've got some awesome things lined up already for the summer such as sleeping outside and swimming as much as possible. I plan to take full advantage of every moment of warm weather before I put on those long underwear. 

We have a few stopovers before we head back to call the great lakes area officially home, including Fiji where I will be celebrating my 30th birthday. I can't stand how excited I am to travel to the Yasawa Islands! 

(and in case you're wondering... yes, he wears that hat everywhere)

talking to our good friend in Spain. We miss you Nicholas!
it might not look like it, but I was making good progress.

here we go again....