Wake up to a new face

Fall is officially in full swing here in Australia. Rain, cloudy days, covered legs all the time- I have to choose to be inspired. The world is not just going to hand it to me. To be completely honest, I've been focusing my time on a personal transition I have coming up, which will no doubt find it's way in huge detail to the blog.

I spent some time this weekend in celebration of the swing into April, doing some "spring cleaning" here on the blog and giving it a new face! I have been so blessed to have several sponsors contact me this month to partner with me in the near future. This made me realize how far this blog has come since last September, how many people it reaches every day, and that it needed a little face-lift. Thank you to my regular readers, and if you are new- welcome!

I'm also getting excited for some guest bloggers to appear in this space in celebration of my 30th birthday coming up. I'm beyond excited to turn 30 this year. I have traveled more during my 29th year than I have during any other period in my life. My 20s are going out with a bang! I can't help but take this as a sign that big things are in store for the next decade of my life. I look forward to this next season of my life, wherever it may lead me, no matter the struggle, or the change, I'm ready to embrace it! You should look forward to reading about some new travel destinations I have planned for this (American) summer and the giveaway coming up this week....