She collects seaweed by the seashore

Shirt: Banana Republic, Sweater: Cotton On, Skirt: Cotton On, Boots: Hunter Boots

Here is a long overdue outfit post. Aka what I wore last weekend. To be honest, it's been so cold and rainy here that I've had some serious wardrobe malfunctions (where I wear everything I own). I've also received strict instructions not to buy any clothes with our move back to the USA coming sooner than later! I'm like a cold blooded amphibian. If the sun is not out and shining in full force, my whole world seems to stop. Like my blood doesn't flow right or something. I know, I know, I'm a total wimp. My husband calls me "a weak animal" on a regular basis due to my intolerance to cold weather. And he isn't insulting me. He thinks we were not created the same and if natural selection was still happening today, I'd die. I have to agree with my hairy husband when my lips turn blue in 50 degree weather and he always, against his will, is surrendering his jacket for me to wear. We actually never leave the house without having an emergency jacket packed for me. Looking back now, I feel bad I made everyone wear tuxedos to my outside tent wedding in the middle of July.

Anyway, this day, it was amazing weather outside. Was I sweating in my wool socks, rubber (gum) boots, and warm sweater? nope. Give me hot, humid, boiling sunshine weather any day. Combine that with a cool ocean breeze and jellyfish-free waves to jump in and you have my heaven.