My Australian Summer

We went to the Moomba Summer Festival this weekend. We rode the train in. It was a blast. We were happy to get out of the house and take in the city again today. All the people, the street food you regret later, the gorgeous buildings, and the water skiing competition! It was so fun. Who knew water-skiing was a popular sport in Finland? It was interesting to hear where all contestants were from. There were 2 from the USA (who we cheered loudly for) and then got sucked in cheering really loud for the Australian who had the best jump of the day! The weather was HOTT with a double T. We topped the day off spending the evening dining at an outdoor cafe in the middle of the city and watching the fireworks. Imagine me pulling his hand to the photo booth in the train station, at the end of the night before we boarded the metro. All sweaty, with our sun-kissed faces, we captured the day's memories and it seems our time in Australia forever in 3 photos.

watching the water-skiing from the grass.

music tent in the middle of the city.

our view from dinner. city lights, globe lights, and star lights!

Flinders Street Station love.  

lovely fireworks to end the night.