Latin music, coffee, and wet hair: because I like things in threes.

I come at you this morning from a cloudy Melbourne, Australia. Rain, glorious wonderful much needed rain came yesterday, and hopefully more will come today. My coffee cup is stained all sorts of pink lipstick from picking up my cup all morning without looking. I'm staring at my computer screen, hair still wet, blasting Latin dance music (my favorite). Sorting through old photos, researching organizations, and dreaming of owning a home one day through the virtual world of Pinterest has made me so excited about the future.

As I laid in bed for a few minutes longer this morning happy to be home from our "road trip", I realized we have settled into a routine. This is like no other routine I've ever had in my life.  It has nothing to do with time or food or anything tangibly familiar. It's like this routine between two souls that cannot be explained. The rhythm of our life together.

its a beautiful thing.