Hippie Chicken Salad

I am super excited to announce a new sponsor for the blog this month...
Selina Naturally. They are a U.S.-based company that specializes in natural foods and products "that inspire ultimate well-being". Their parent company Celtic Sea Salt carries the highest quality gourmet sea salt in the world. Both companies are based out of North Carolina and have operated as family businesses working globally for over 30 years. Selina Naturally and Celtic Sea Salt are not your typical companies. Run by a beautiful mother-daughter team, both companies only sell/feature products that are sustainable harvested and certified organic. Selina, the President, and her team personally visit the facilities where their products are produced. I've been using products/eating food produced by this company for over 10 years, and it's the type of stuff I feel really good about eating and feeding to my husband. Where the back of the package ingredients actually match what it's supposed to be- no extra junk or preservatives. With all these cancer causing "natural flavors", preservatives that are not necessary, and additives that can do long term damage, it's refreshing to have an option that makes eating healthier taste good (better), easy, and possible. It also makes preparing food so much easier. Honestly. I'd feed this stuff to my future children which should speak for itself.

My all time favorite products they carry include: West African Shea butter (featured on this blog before here), Moringa powder from Senegal, local mountain soap, and cold pressed Coconut Oil. My new recent favorites include: their new(-ish) Hawaiian Sea Salt called Makai Pure Sea Salt which is harvested from pure deep seawater and an oldie, Avocado Oil. Makai is Hawaiian for "seaward; towards the sea".  If you've never had natural sea salt, then you don't know what you're missing. There's a huge difference (in both taste and nutrition) between natural sea salt and regular table salt. Table salt, like Mortons Salt, has loads of sodium (compared to natural sea salt), lacks those natural minerals (natural sea salt has) that your body needs, and tastes horrible.

That being said, Selina Naturally is one of my favorite companies and I feel so honored to feature a few of their products here on the blog this month. What better way to start than to share one of my recipes using my recent favorites- Hawaiian sea salt and Avocado Oil? I have found that Avocados are a great substitute for mayonnaise, which is how I came up with the idea. My husband LOVES this recipe.

Hippie Chicken Salad:
(feeds one hippie and one hungry husband)
Prep time: 15 minutes

1 chicken breast cooked and chilled (canned chicken can be substituted)

3 small apples sliced tiny
1 handful walnuts (crush using your fingers)
10 red grapes cut in half
1/2 fresh squeezed lemon (or lime)
5 pinches of Makai Pure Gourmet Sea Salt
1 tsp freshly ground Organic Black Peppercorns

Mix the above ingredients and add the following as a 1:1 ratio until you get the desired consistency (wet/dry) of chicken salad you prefer:

Avocado Oil (suggested 2-3 Tbs)
Ume Vinegar (can substitute balsamic vinegar)

I recommend serving it over a fresh salad or using cucumbers, tomatoes, or crackers to scoop it up. It would be amazing on a warm croissant or on fresh cuban bread. 

*Please note, the products that are featured here are meant to be paired with raw foods and taste wonderful in their raw form.*