Christchurch, New Zealand

Our road-trip through the South Island of New Zealand started out in Christchurch. My husband and I had a hard time planning this trip to NZ since there is so much to see and do here and we did not have as much time as we would have liked. We actually met a couple while we were there, who came down for 3 weeks and then realized they really needed a few months to do the trip. The girl was from Paris, her boyfriend from Australia. So they did what any logical person would at our age- called their bosses and said they needed 2 more months off from work to travel through New Zealand and live out of a van. Although I wish we could have had more time, and living out of a van for a few months with nothing to do but breathe New Zealand air sounded like a great plan to me, I'll take the few days of glorious Southern Alps we did have. We met some amazing people on this trip (Hi Jim and Natsky!), had some great food, and I treasure every second I was able to spend here with the love of my life.

 We flew into Christchurch really late that night and stayed at a backpackers hostel right on the coast. We woke up the next morning to this beautiful ocean! There is so much history in Christchurch. Unfortunately, a lot of the historical buildings were damaged or destroyed by the devastating earthquakes from 2011 that hit the city center. I had no idea about this devastating natural disaster until I watched a documentary on the quakes right before we left for New Zealand. Driving through Christchurch, we could see construction crews everywhere working on buildings and roads, still repairing the damage from those earthquakes. 

We stopped on the coast and spent an unplanned morning enjoying the sunshine and playing with all the kelp that had washed up on shore before heading south for the famous Lake Wanaka, just north of Queenstown. 

We've started taking more video on our travels in the last few years. Here is a sweet little video clip my husband took without my knowledge. Who knew kelp was so heavy? (hence why I was laughing so hard at almost losing my balance) And that swinging it around would be so fun?! 


itching to start our drive into those mountains!

this sunshine + cool air = heaven

Backpacker cafe in the hostel. With. WIFI. 
*cue angels singing hallelujah*

welcome entrance for all weary backpackers.

street art in Christchurch.

As hard as I tried, I could not fit our entire trip to NZ in one blog post. So, more to come....