Sea foam in the city

And here are my go-to airplane pants. This is what I wore on the plane to Queensland. I have 2 pairs that I wear all the time. However, all layers were shed immediately upon arriving in the great land of humidity. I was in heaven in that humidity in Queensland. 

I've been getting into the habit of wearing pants lately due to the "cooler" weather here in southern Australia. (For those of you who are geographically challenged, Queensland is pretty far north of where I'm living). Cooler being in quotations because it's summer-time here in Melbourne, and according to most, not really that cool outside. That's OK, it feels cool to this Florida girl, and I'm gearing up for my move to the Midwest this year! My life is changing in a serious way. No more bikinis every weekend of the year. It's pants time. Whenever I buy pants now I ponder, "will long underwear work under these?". If the answer is yes, they are purchased.

 I am absolutely in love with these pants. To be completely honest, the cut of these pants is not the most flattering, in case you were wondering if I was going to point out the obvious. However, they are meant to mimic men's style pants in the waste/hip area. I do love how they sit higher on my waist, have a more "boxy" look to them, and fit snug at my ankles (perfect to slide into my boots and future warm socks). Sea foam is my favorite color (have I said that before?) and a refreshing change to wearing blue jeans all the time. 

Blazer: Banana Republic, Shirt: Cotton On, Pants: Cotton On, Belt: Gap,
Shoes: Payless shoes I've had forever, Shell ring: bought from a market here in