Queensland: Daintree Rainforest


And welcome to another travel addition of my blog... Queensland! This has been quite a year of traveling for us. I will never forget this trip we took just a few weeks ago- the trees and the ocean were just to die for. I can say with all honesty the areas we visited in Queensland, were some of the most beautiful pristine places in the world. We flew into Cairns airport from Melbourne and started out our trip right- in the rainforest and worked our way back south to Cairns. Upon landing, we had to drive a few hours to get up into the rainforest, we took a car ferry (which was a new experience for me), and then checked into our "MASH style" housing in the forest. This consisted of simple wood cabins with canvas tent-style roofing, no air conditioning, mosquito nets, and thankfully running water. Our cabin looked exactly like the cabin from the movie "The Parent Trap", except that it was in the middle of the largest rainforest in Australia! It was gorgeous, I loved it! We stopped on the way up and went swimming in the Mossman Gorge, hiked through the beautiful strangler fig forest there, visited Cow Bay Beach, hiked through a near bye mangrove forest (where the mosquitos ate me alive), and took a dip in a beautiful local swimming hole. If you ever make it or plan to make it to one of the earth's most incredible rainforest's, I highly recommend staying here at Crocodylus. It is considered one of the last places in that area that truly gives you the experience of sleeping in the middle of the rainforest. The insects sang me to sleep every night. And yes we saw an endangered Cassowary. It rocked my world.

It all started with swimming and hiking at Mossman Gorge,

and the car ferry which led us to...

this beautiful drive in (totally reminded me of Jurassic Park)...

 and our bungalow in the rainforest. 

We went hiking as much as possible

found this beautiful local (croc-free) swimming hole...

visited the insect and butterfly museum...

and found ourselves at the dangerous Cow Bay Beach. This was the first beach I have ever encountered in my life, where you could not go swimming. Between the deadly jellyfish and danger of crocodiles, it was a risk we were not willing to take. We enjoyed a fantastic day here never-the-less.


but HOW gorgeous are these pink rocks along the seashore?!

Our night hike that evening with "Possum" was unforgettable. Spotting the Boyd's rainforest dragon (lizard) below was a huge highlight of the night.

The next morning we tok a Mangrove boat ride, 


and saw the exact spot where the river meets the ocean.

Queensland trip to be continued…

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