I am a piece of my grandmother

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother. 

HOW beautiful is this woman? Not sure how she would feel about me posting this photo, but it was my grandmother's birthday this past weekend. I called her from Australia to wish her happy birthday. I could hear her smile through the phone. My grandmother is one of the most beautiful women I know inside and out. No seriously. She's incredible. She's not your typical grandmother. She was an entrepreneur and very independent woman who always speaks her mind. My memories growing up with her will be in my heart forever. My mother, sister, and I lived with her and my Grandfather when we were younger for a period while my dad was in the Navy in Hawaii. Dress ups, baking, watching cartoons was done on a daily basis in my grandparents house. Umm I forgot to mention SWIMMING!! The hours that were spent by their pool in Florida, that glorious pool, in the backyard have to top out as some of my favorite childhood memories. This photo of my grandmother reminds me of that.

Over the years, she's challenged me to be a better family member, better daughter, and better person. I have always been close to her and was lucky enough to grow up around the corner from her.

I owe a big part of the strong independent woman I am to her. 
I love you Grandma. xo