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vintage brass and turquoise earrings 

According to Anthropologie-
THE PENCIL IS BACK! Funny I had this post ready with no name, then I got an email from my favorite store in the USA with "the pencil is back" as the title. I thought to myself, "when did it ever go away?!", but thank you Anthropologie for bringing it "officially" back in style.  It's actually a horrible addiction of mine, that store. I literally love everything in it. I purchased my wedding dishes and wedding lingerie from there, and all my bridesmaids gifts from their sister store BHLDN. I never shopped online, until Anthropologie. Unfortunately, nothing in this post is from there.

Anyway, I happen to love pencil skirts. I have worn them to work for years (of my short life). For me, finding a good pencil skirt is like finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Usually my personal requirements for a good pencil skirt (for work that is), is that it fits right at my natural waist, and the length has to be just at the top of my knees and lined. If the skirt is not lined, it's usually not appropriate for work. I've never gotten into wearing pants to work, because I think pencil skirts look way more professional. The key is the skirt needs to be long enough- including when you sit down. Being 5'4 (short) and very curvy in the hips for my size, I've learned pants call too much attention to my backside. And I've tried hundreds of pairs of work pants on. Remember this post? I stick to my mantra that feeling beautiful is very important. So invest in a great pencil skirt. They feel so good to wear.

Shirt: Cotton On, Skirt: Banana Republic, Bag: Cotton On, Flats: Cotton On

**I may or may not be in love with the store, Cotton On, here in Australia. I've been looking for a jean shirt like this forever! There is a similar jean shirt found here that I was eyeing up before I left the states. Also the bag was a major find. It's the perfect size to carry on the plane or take on the boat snorkeling (which I did just this past week!).