Yarra Ranges National Park, Southern Australia

Our hike into the rainforest this weekend was just what we needed to quench our cabin fever from staying inside this week to escape the heat.

In case you have not heard, the forest fires in Australia and Tasmania are still a very serious threat to lives and homes. The prime minister even traveled to Tasmania. Parts of Tasmania have been like a disaster area, with entire homes/farms I mean people's livelihoods- destroyed. It's been heartbreaking to watch. We have not really been affected, have not even smelled smoke in our area, but have kept a careful eye on where the fires are and moving to. My husband looked at me one day last week and said, "do we need to make an emergency plan?". I told him yes, but I have no idea what that plan would look like. We concluded that our official plan was that he would come and pick me up and we would go to the public pool and jump in. Genius huh?

Needless to say, our camping has taken a hiatus these past few weekends. I've realized how uncomfortable our couch is. I hate that I've even sat on it long enough to know that! Anyway, we're good! We're fine. Don't send me any more panicked emails. But thank you for all the concern!

So our drive into the rainforest aka Yarra National Park was a cheese and wine kind of day. A relaxing in the sunshine at the top of the summit in the grass kind of day. We saw more kangaroos and a wombat. We run into these two characters so much that they've become as common as deer and possums. That's my attempt to give you a North American animal analogy of how often we see these guys. A lot. The wombat today literally stole our heart today though. It was the first time we had seen one up close. He was crossing the road and taking his sweet time.  I'd have to describe a wombat as a cross between the cutest baby pig you've ever seen and a baby black bear. Google wombat if you've never seen one, it's adorable! Spending the day among trees called "Mountain Ash Eucalyptus" was a dream.

amazing forest. tree ferns everywhere!

our spot all afternoon. we were watched by one very suspicious skink.

warming shelter.

on the way to the top!

the tower.

at the top.

our view.

photo of the summit spot.

my love on the bridge on our way to dinner in Warburton. 

our early dinner spot in the rainforest. 
there were parrots flying over our heads all evening.

me and my love. (New glasses too!)

Sunset driving home. Beautiful countryside. 

goodbye beautiful day. I loved you.