When in Melbourne: wear stripes, eat meat, and go to Chinatown

Dress: Cotton On, Shirt: Roxy, Shoes: Tom Shoes
Here's our weekend combined with a fashion post (sorry boys if you are reading this). So I told you before that I've really been into anything stripes lately. I found this dress here in Australia that was like a cotton slash nautical dream come true. I've been waiting for a chance to bust this out. Today was the perfect sunny day. 

Since we live so close to Melbourne, we rode the Metro into downtown again this weekend. I love living so close to this city! We got off at the Richmond exit and walked to the arena where they are holding the Australian open. Unfortunately, we could not get tickets for the day since they were sold out, so we were left to explore the city. Good thing I love to explore. We walked up Swanson St. and walked through Chinatown and the Greek district. We stopped and had amazing Greek food (lamb) and baklava (which is to DIE for). Australia does meat well. When in Australia, try their pork, lamb, beef- its best on the "barbie". Anyway, big thanks to our amazing friends Shirley and Nicholas who introduced us to this Greek desert in Tarpon Springs (remember this?). We also explored South Yarra for the first time. It was an absolute blast! Live music everywhere- my kind of place. 

Yarra River. Downtown Melbourne in the distance.
Outside the Australian Open!!
Welcome to Chinatown.
brass street art.
More of the city.
I was drooling. (cover your eyes vegetarians)

It's fun living near the city, but one thing that I've had to get used to is the weather here in Melbourne. I mentioned before that I did alot of research on what clothes to pack and what the weather was like. I could find no good straight advice actually. All the blogs I read, all the travel sites I visited, everyone just said that the weather was completely unpredictable and could change at any moment from really hot to cold. We are having fires, yes (actually had a close call this week when arsonists set fire near our neighborhood), and temperatures swing from 105+ degrees in the daytime to 50 degrees at night! They were right, it's completely unpredictable! So I leave the house in the dead heat of the day, but always have to be prepared to layer up to stay warm at night. It can be very windy in downtown, and once the sun goes down- that translates into freezing for this Florida girl. Here is a photo of me wearing everything I own due to this crazy temperature swing- or at least everything in my bag. No shame in this game.